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Week of September 15, 2014

After-School Play Dates:   Please plan those after-school play dates in advance.  If you change dismissal plans, please send in a note to the teacher, rather than call the office.
Occasionally you may have an emergency and be late.  Please let your child know to go to the office until you arrive.  

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Lines:  Thank you for the parents who are using the drop-off line so well.  The drop off and pick up lines have been working quite nicely. Below is a link to traffic maps to share with your nannies, grandparents, and the other spouse.  Please share this with them.  Below are a few reminders:


  • Van & Bus Parking--Please do not park where the orange cones are on Maple Street before 8:30 AM and afternoons after 2:00 PM.  
  • Thank you for not using handicap parking.  Thank you to all the parents who do not stop in the crosswalks.
  • Thank you for dropping off and picking -up in Area 4, not in front of the school.  
  • Please keep speed down to 5 mph or less.  Kids are impulsive and run without thinking. Although 10 mph is not fast, it’s fast for the school parking lot.
  • Please do not stop, get out of the car, and leave your car.  This worked for that one person picking up the child.  It did not work for the six cars and the patient drivers behind that driver.   
  • Please stay in the car, and hugs and kisses before getting to school.  Here’s what one parent wrote:
If everyone could be reminded that if they are going to use the drop-off lane their child needs to be ready to leap out of the car as if they were part of the 82nd Airborne Division-Parachutists ready to jump out of an airplane at a moment’s notice—then the drop off lane would work much more efficiently. If their children need assistance with backpacks and whatnot (or parachutists-in training), then the staff member on duty is glad to help.

9192014_20900_5.pngChilly Mornings: Nurse Dawn would like children to dress in layers on chilly fall mornings and warmer afternoons.

Attendance Phone Line:  Glover has a 24/7 attendance phone line that you can access by calling 1-781-639-3190 ext 3.    When reporting a late arrival, please note the lunch your child wants, if ordering.  

Dismissal:  The school needs written permission for any friend, relative, or non-custodial parent to pick up a child.  Without permission, children can not be released to any other person, other than their parents.  Send in a signed note, if the person picking up is not on your OK to pick-up list.

Emergency Cards:  Our data base shows some parents have not done the emergency card updates.  If they need help with their Aspen Account or have difficulty with the emergency card update - they should email us as aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  Instructions for parents for many Aspen items can be found on our web site at http://www.marbleheadschools.org/technology/aspen.  Specific instructions for the Emergency Card Update can be found at: http://www.marbleheadschools.org/technology/aspenecu

My School Bucks:  Marblehead Public Schools Lunch Program continues to offer MySchoolBucks, a convenient online service that allows you to securely pay for your student’s meals online using your credit/debit card. (A small fee is charged by the vendor).
You can:
  • Set Up Automatic Recurring Payments
  • Track & Review Meal History
  • Create Low Balance Alerts
  • Make Payments with the New Mobile App, And More…
Sign up now! Registering for your FREE account is easy, go to https://www.MySchoolBucks.com. Create a secure account and never worry again about sending cash or checks with your student(s) to school again!   https://www.MySchoolBucks.com | (855) 832-5226

Have a smartphone? Get the MySchoolBucks Mobile App:
Android -

Please be advised that, effective 9/1/2014, no change will be given in the K-3 elementary schools. Any money presented in excess of the price of lunch will be applied to your student's account. Please make sure that all payments are in a baggie or envelope that is clearly labeled with your child's name. Receipts will be given to your student for any cash payment of $5.00 or more.
You may still pay by check. Checks should be made out to Marblehead School Lunch Program. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

Meal Price If your student(s) receive(s) meal benefits they are required, by law, to take a complete meal. If they choose not to take a complete meal, they will be charged full price for what products they do take. This includes milk and juice offered as part of a meal.
        Elementary Schools      $2.75
        Milk                    $ .75

Due to the Act for Healthier, Hunger-Free Children and the Massachusetts laws regarding foods sold during lunch, there will be no second portions available for purchase at any level. Menus and portions are written and produced according to the strict regulations set forth in the law. All snack (Ala carte) items meet the requirements set forth in the laws.
Free and Reduced Meal Applications are accepted all year long!

Submitted by Mary Devlin, Principal

Aspen for Parents: If you have questions about your portal user account or have problems viewing or accessing your child’s information, please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  


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