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Glover School Principal’s Update  

Grade 3 State Testing Next Week:  This year, Glover, Bell, and Coffin students will take a 5 day PARCC test.  Testing will be mornings on Tuesday, March 24 through Friday, March 27.   The next week, the test will continue on Tuesday, March 31.  If grade 3 students are absent, the make-up test dates will be given the next week.  
       Our test directions begin at 8:30 AM.  Our students have approximately 75 minutes of testing each day with testing rooms in the first and second floors of the school.  Some students have extended times.  The school will have a quiet period until 12:00 noon.  On testing weeks, our school is a quiet zone with no visitors.  This includes the Family Friendly Fridays, Tuesday preschool drop-offs, and library volunteers (AM only) are cancelled over the next two weeks.

Third Grade Students:  The students have worked hard this year in all curriculum areas and have prepared for their first state testing.  Next week, please make sure the children have a good breakfast prior to coming to school, and bring a snack, and a water bottle

Friday, March 27 – Report Cards
Friday, March 27 – Snowball Dance, 6:00 pm
Tuesday, March 31 – Perroni to Abbott Library, 10:15 am
Tuesday, March 31 – PARCC Testing
Thursday, April 2 – Community Meeting – Poetry Recitation Kickoff, 8:30 am
Friday, April 3 – Doben Friendly Friday, 8:05 am
Friday, April 3 – Early Release        
Monday, April 6 – Graziano Family Visit, 8:05 am
Monday, April 6 – Kodiat Family First Monday, 8:05 am
Monday, April 6 – TAT, 2:45 pm
Tuesday, April 7-  Third Grade Fine Arts Night Performance at Community Meeting, 8:30
Wednesday, April 8 – Early Release
Wednesday, April 8 – Grade 3 Fine Arts Night, 6:30 pm
Thursday, April 9 – PTO, 7:00 pm


Spring is coming!

Morning and Afternoon Car Lane:
  • Thank you for pulling your car up as far as you can, even if no one is behind you.  Seven cars can easily fit into the drop-off area when everyone pulls up.
  • K-3 drop-off is active from 7:55-8:30.  
  • Preschool drop-off begins this Thursday March 5 at 8:30 AM. There are two entrances, lower Maple Street near the school, and upper Glover entrance near Cedar Street.  Check map on which one to use.
  • Safety First—Do not drop off on street!
Preschool staff will be at AREA 4 or the drop-off area to walk students to the school.  Please do not leave your car.  Attached is the map.   In addition, parents can continue to park off-site and walk to the school.   Unfortunately, there is only staff parking on the site.

Wind Chill Factor & Snow Gear:  It’s been chilly with the outside temperature and wind chill.  Many of you know the children have come in upon arrival due to the combined early morning temperature and wind speed.  On the same day, the children may go out for lunch recess given a change in temperature and/or wind speed.  
     In terms of snow gear, we appreciate the time and energy it takes to dress and undress your children in layers, and with mittens, hats, winter coats, snow pants, boots, and scarves, ……….   The playgrounds are covered with snow, and the walkways can get slushy by mid-day.  Last Friday, I watched from the hallways, the fun they were having in the snow playing with their friends.  Great fun to see how much they enjoyed the snow.  Snow pants and boots are required for the children to have full access to the playground.  If they do not have boots and snow pants, we either limit the playground area they can be in, or keep them inside.  Either way, the children miss being with other children and playing in the snow.

After-School Student Plans:  Whenever possible, try to have your child know any changes in after school plans before leaving the house, and let their teacher know by email and a note.  If plans change during the day, call the main office as early as possible.  We try to balance not interrupting a class and ensuring the teacher know (and has acknowledged) any change in pick-up plans.  

Nurse and Phone Contact:   Nurse Dawn requests that you check your phone periodically in case you get a call from the school.   Recently, she has had some difficulty getting in contact with parents of a sick child and for a change of clothes.  

Save the Date for Third Grade Families:  Wednesday April 8th, 6:30pm at Glover
Third Grade Fine Arts Night:  Journeys

Non-profit community flyers can be found in our district’s E-Backpack Community Flyer web page. Check weekly for important flyers pertaining to your children at: http://marbleheadschools.org/flyers 

Aspen for Parents: If you have questions about your portal user account or have problems viewing or accessing your child’s information, please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  

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