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Glover School Principal’s Update  

Nurses’ Update--Dress in layers:  Layers allow your child to adjust to changing weather conditions and their activities. Layers create an air space between the skin and the cold and this space is what insulates best.
Three layers:~
Inner (Base) layer: The skin should be covered in a thin layer that helps to move moisture away from the body. Keeping your skin dry helps keep you warm and comfortable. Your inner layer should cover almost your whole body: arms, legs and torso. Polyester and silk, and related modern materials are best. Cotton is a poor choice.~
Middle layer: This is the insulating layer. Wool and fleece work best. The middle layer can be made up of several thin layers.~
Outer layer: This is the water and wind protection layer. Gore-Tex and nylon are best. Get a long coat so that you can sit comfortably. Coats should have high collars and a hood. For very cold temperatures or for kids rolling around in the snow (if it snows), bib-type snow pants are a good choice.~
Layering also applies to hands and feet~with socks, boots, and mittens.  Your head and neck are major sources of heat loss. A hat and a scarf are a must in cold weather. If you are worried about your child wearing a scarf, try a tube scarf.

Annual Pesticide Notification:   Our annual outdoor pesticide notification is posted on the district’s web site along with our Integrated Pest Management Plans.  You may review the information at http://www.marbleheadschools.org/pestcontrol.

Upcoming Kindergarten Dates:  
Kindergarten Registration - Monday - Thursday, February 2 - 26 from 8:00 - 4:00 by appointment at 9 Widger Road.
Kindergarten Screening - April 27 - 30 at Eveleth Transition Center: Central registration at 9 Widger Road will coordinate appointments later this year.

Glover Parking Lot:  The Glover parking lot is for staff only between 6:30 AM through 3:00 PM.  At drop-off and pick-up, 400 children are leaving the school with their parents, walking with friends, and/or going to the car drop-off line.  For safety reasons, please only enter when using the drop-off (8:00-8:15) and pick-up area (2:30-2:40).  Please share this with grandparents and child care providers.  The gates to the drop-off/pick-up area are closed from 9:00 AM through 2:00 PM.  

Parking Cars and Pick up in the Neighborhood:  Please do not block driveways, park in non parking zones, drop students off in the middle of the streets, and park in the bus loading area. The handicap parking should not be used.  Please consider children are watching you. Let’s provide good examples at Glover and keep everyone safe.  Police periodically ticket street parking directly in front of the school.   

After-School Play Dates:   Please plan those after-school play dates in advance.  If you change dismissal plans, please send in a note to the teacher, rather than call the office.
Occasionally you may have an emergency and be late.  Please let your child know to go to the office until you arrive.  

Attendance Phone Line:  Glover has a 24/7 attendance phone line that you can access by calling 1-781-639-3190 ext 3.    When reporting a late arrival, please note the lunch your child wants, if ordering.  

Dismissal:  The school needs written permission for any friend, relative, or non-custodial parent to pick up a child.  Without permission, children can not be released to any other person, other than their parents.  Send in a signed note, if the person picking up is not on your OK to pick-up list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Submitted by Mary Devlin, Glover Principal

Non-profit community flyers can be found in our district’s E-Backpack Community Flyer web page. Check weekly for important flyers pertaining to your children at: http://marbleheadschools.org/flyers   

Aspen for Parents: If you have questions about your portal user account or have problems viewing or accessing your child’s information, please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  


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