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Grades PreK-3

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Emergency Cards:
If you have not updated your Aspen account, instructions for many Aspen items can be found on our web site at http://www.marbleheadschools.org/technology/aspen.   If you need help with your Aspen Account or have difficulty with the emergency card update – Please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org
Specific instructions for the Emergency Card Update can be found at http://www.marbleheadschools.org/technology/aspenecu

Non-profit community flyers can be found in our district’s E-Backpack Community Flyer web page. Check weekly for important flyers pertaining to your children at: http://marbleheadschools.org/flyers   

Parent Pick-Up and Drop-Off:  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Each morning and afternoon, we appreciate you working with us so well.  Most families have shared the drop-off and pick-up procedures with nannies and friends, and the drop-off area is working well.  Even on rainy days, your patience and courtesy is appreciated.  
If by chance you missed the traffic information, go to http://glev.marbleheadschools.org/.  Or, you can email me at devlin.mary@marbleheadschools.org, and I am glad to send them to you, too.

Weather Watch!
The cold weather is coming to New England; the children go out to recess every day unless there is inclement weather. Please send your children prepared for the weather with appropriate outerwear, hats, mittens and footwear.

Nutrition update!
Preschool and school age children expend a great deal of energy throughout the day. Please remember to pack a healthy snack and lunch to help maintain your children’s energy level and metabolism. Try selecting foods from at least three different groups. Mix a variety of dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains to balance out daily nutritional needs.

After-School Play Dates:   Please plan those after-school play dates in advance.  If you change dismissal plans, please send in a note to the teacher, rather than call the office.
Occasionally you may have an emergency and be late.  Please let your child know to go to the office until you arrive.  

9192014_20900_5.pngChilly Mornings: Nurse Dawn would like children to dress in layers on chilly fall mornings and warmer afternoons.

Attendance Phone Line:  Glover has a 24/7 attendance phone line that you can access by calling 1-781-639-3190 ext 3.    When reporting a late arrival, please note the lunch your child wants, if ordering.  

Dismissal:  The school needs written permission for any friend, relative, or non-custodial parent to pick up a child.  Without permission, children can not be released to any other person, other than their parents.  Send in a signed note, if the person picking up is not on your OK to pick-up list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Aspen for Parents: If you have questions about your portal user account or have problems viewing or accessing your child’s information, please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  


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