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New Kindergarten Teacher:  We welcome Connie Mostyn to Glover’s Kindergarten team and to Glover.  Connie grew up in Newburyport, and is looking forward to moving back to a seaside community.   Since 2012, she has been Community Day Charter School Kindergarten teacher in Lawrence.  She’s a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, and from Merrimack College with a Masters degree in Elementary Education and Moderate Disabilities.  Connie has been actively involved in committees with a focus on literacy, mentoring new teachers, and developing a report card assessment.  Her background in literacy and collaboration with her team and parents were ideal qualities for the Glover team values.  Lisa Andrews, new to Glover, will be the Kindergarten para-professional.

Nurse Dawn’s Health Update:
Summer is a great time to schedule doctor and dental visits and to obtain doctors orders for medications to be given during the upcoming 2015-2016 school year. M.D. Order and Parent consent forms can be downloaded from the Marblehead Public School Website @www. marbleheadschools.org under Health.
 Massachusetts General Law CMR220.500 states that all students entering Pre-K, 1st, 4th and 10th grade are required to submit a copy of their most recent physical exam and immunizations to the health office prior to the start of school. In addition kindergarten and 7th grade students need an immunization update.  The physical exam must be dated within 12 months prior to the start of school.  Please send in your child’s most recent physical and immunizations at your earliest convenience.

Health screening referral letters went home this year for students who require further evaluation in vision and hearing. If you received a letter from the health office please follow up with your physician and return the completed forms to the school nurse so we may assist your child with any recommendations and accommodations that may be needed in the classroom.    

A few reminders:
  • Please encourage your children to wear their helmets while riding anything with wheels.
  • “Don’t be shy reapply” sunscreen in the am and after exercise/swimming.
  • Check your children for ticks after outside play.
  • Leaves of 3 “let them be” beware of poison ivy, oak, sumac.
 If you have any questions, please call me at 781-639-3190 EXT: 1010.   It has been a pleasure caring for your children this year.
Have a happy and safe summer!   Nurse Dawn                                                     


Non-profit community flyers can be found in our district’s E-Backpack Community Flyer web page. Check weekly for important flyers pertaining to your children at: http://marbleheadschools.org/flyers 

Aspen for Parents: If you have questions about your portal user account or have problems viewing or accessing your child’s information, please email aspen@marbleheadschools.org.  

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